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Advanced course in ICSI TESA & TESE
A course totally devoted to hands on for perfecting the fine skills of ICSI.
Course Objective:
Participant receives One-One training, develops knowledge & skills in micromanipulation Instrument handling & operation.

Methodology of Training
Interactive session covering
Basic instrumentation - Inverted microscope and Micro manipulator.
Alignment of micromanipulator and loading of micro tools.
Oocyte preparation for ICSI.
Sperm preparation from various types of samples like ejaculate, PESA, MESA,
Holding of denuded oxyne & performing ICSI should be separated point.
Do's & Don'ts of lCSI.
Performing ICSI.
Performing Laser Assisted Hatching (LAH), Intracytoplasmic Morphologically selected Sperm Injection (IMSI).
Video and/ or live demonstration of
Oocyte denudation for ICSI.
Mechanical and chemical hatching. LAH (Laser Assisted Hatching) and IMSI.

Guided hands on covering:
Dish preparation for ICSI.
Sperm preparation by gradient/ swim-up method.
Alignment of micromanipulator & loading of Micro tools.
Oil loading into the injectors, Equilibration of micro tools.
Loading of sperms and oocytes on to the prepared ICSI dish.
Sperm Immobilization & loading of immobilized sperm in the injection micropipette Holding of denuded Oocyte and Performing ICSI.

Note: This module is appropriate for candidates who are well versed & experienced in Oocyte handling & IVF procedures, this module will help them in performing ICSI confidently with smooth transition.

Course Duration:
3 days

Course Code Course fees
EC02 35,000
(INR+18 % GST)
(US $+18 % GST)

Trainees will get:
The Embryology and PGD Academy UK. accredited certificate on completion, course manual and working lunch during training.

By MCQ`s & Demo of Skills acquired.

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